Week 5: After Feedback

Professor Krikun suggested to remove the college girl protester at the bottom right side. Instead, I should replace her with a silhouette to appreciate the money buildings in the background. Next, to place the text around the girl somewhere else. Finally, to fix the man’s eyes and remove the blackness in his eyes.

… And that is exactly what I did!

First thing, I deleted the girl protester. Next, I removed the text. Now I realized that the buildings can now be appreciated. I’m glad they are more visible because they took the longest in this composition..

Next, I fixed his eyes. I copied the eyes from the original picture (where the contrast wasn’t set) and paste it on a top layer. I created another layer and painted white in the eyes just to brighten the sclera. Once again, I played around with the screen mode and the opacity level to get not so much of a perfect white. I finally added another layer to add color to the iris. Instead of the deep blue, I changed it to a dusty green color (like the dollar bills.) I fixed the small dollar signs and placed them in the pupils.


Next, I grabbed my other group of silhouettes and placed them in the bottom right. I moved the smaller group more to the left because the silhouettes where overlapping.

Since the silhouettes seem too plain, I wanted them to stand out. I added a layer behind the silhouettes and brushed white strokes to give the illusion of a glow. I did the same to the white dollar symbols, but instead, I stroke it black. The white symbolizing the good and the bad in black.


Finally, I fixed the original text and fit perfectly in the protester’s signs.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After working on this composition for hours, there were few things I did not notice. These suggestions helped me a lot! Thank all of you for your honest feedback. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to finish this project.


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